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“One of our clients has personally invited you to work on a project.” H.W.

An excerpt from an email I received from a client inviting me to write an article for one of its clients.

“If you look at the website page now … we added a lot of what you wrote to the About page already

because you described the entire store so well.” T. J.

Feedback from a client who ordered website landing page content.

“Help others achieve their new Year’s resolution of finding a new job by joining this high order volume team. Authors on this team create blog posts offering common sense advice on resumes, job interviews and landing that dream job.”

An invitation to write for one of a client’s customers.

5 (out of 5 stars). Good, well written, thanks.” R.D.

Feedback for an article I wrote for one of my clients.

Yahoo! Contributor Network "Badge" Award - Top 1000 Writers in 2013.

“5 (out of 5 stars). Excellent. Well-written, error-free and follows instructions.” A.R.

A client’s feedback on an article ordered.

“Love how you conceptualized your topic." Editor  

A comment from an editor of an online publishing company about an article I wrote. 

“Thank you for your hard work (for one of our clients). We appreciate your effort and faithfulness.” Recruiter

A Thank You card from a staffing agency. 

“Nina has a strong work ethic, which contributes to the atmosphere, quality and performance of the entire department. She has a positive attitude and is very easy to work with. She handles pressures and unexpected developments very well, putting others at ease. She is a strong team player. Nina is also very creative and well able to think outside the box to come up with solutions. She is also able to take an idea and run with it. It’s not uncommon for me to casually mention an idea to Nina and to have several expanded ideas on my desk in just an hour or two.


However, most impressive to me is Nina’s commitment to excellence in all that she does. She is very conscientious and unwilling to settle for mediocrity. Nina has done such a good for us that in doing her reviews, I typically have had great difficulty finding “areas for improvement.” … She is the whole package, and an extremely rare find; a person gifted in a wide number of areas, with a strong work ethic, great people skills, and an insatiable drive for excellence.” K.W., Director of Telesales


Part of a recommendation letter from a former employer at a brick and mortar type magazine publishing company. 


“Nina can be described as dedicated, reliable, and conscientious. Nina has the ability to adapt to different environments and tasks presented to her in a professional and timely manner. Her performance on the job is excellent, always exceeding customer’s expectations.” A.H., Branch Manager

  An excerpt from a formal recommendation letter from a staffing agency. 

“Your support in achieving customer satisfaction is greatly appreciated." 

B.F., Vice-President, Customer & Consulting Services; J. H., President and Chief Operating Officer


A certificate awarded to me for work on a short-term assignment in the Communications Department of a document management company.