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About Me

Nina Nixon, Author

Hi, my name is Nina Nixon. Thanks for stopping by and getting to know a little about me. I’m an author with experience in researching and writing about a variety of industries.

I fell in love with storytelling during my childhood when I was around 10 years old. During that time, I entertained my family by writing and drawing cartoon scripts. As I grew older, I gravitated towards reading about suspense thrillers. My favorite authors were Ray Bradbury, Rod Serling, and others in the science-fiction genre.

In the late 1980s and 1990s, I became an administrative assistant, but the writing bug never left me. I wrote sales letters, training manuals, and designed in-house business forms. I also learned about the workings of a business and how to make tasks easier. I streamlined workflow processes for many firms with my customized MS Excel spreadsheets with loads of macros and click buttons. These features made the spreadsheets function like mini-software applications.

The early 2000s is when I started creating print display ads for a magazine publishing company. I wrote the text and graphically designed the ads. In 2002, I began providing office support services to businesses nationwide.

Sometime in 2007 is when I turned my focus towards online business writing. I’ve written hundreds of website landing pages. I had around 1,000 articles and blog posts published online at one time. My articles have appeared many digital publications including Quill,, Chron and Hunker.

Thanks again for reading. Check out my eBooks, articles, and crochet crafts!

Have a great day!