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Aged: 2120 - A Fiction Novella

Aged: 2120

Aged: 2120 is a science fiction novella about a unique kind of age-based discrimination and its possible side effects. It’s a tale about a perverse American society that becomes hostile towards its young. In this story, it is the year 2120, and the American age laws have been in effect for a while. The Earth’s moon features a prison for humans.

If you broke the law, you would go there. Unfortunately, in America, only the young are guilty enough for sentencing. Tammy and Mark are young adults, so are their friends. They don’t want to do wrong and they certainly don’t want to go to Moon Prison. 

This book poses the question that we must ponder and answer individually: Can we learn from our mistakes and rise up out of a discriminatory past, or will the last civil war be a fight for freedom for all ages? Order today. 

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